Why I’m Traveling.

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac

I graduated from college this year. With that came a barrage of overwhelming decisions that I wasn’t quite prepared to deal with. My experience is nothing new or revolutionary the “coming-of-age” saga is one of the more overdone sentiments. However, this experience that is universal to every individual is a uniquely defining one.

Some friends are going onto medical school, getting their M.B.A., and applying to law school. I have a slightly less acute focus. I studied English and Communication; an area I love but left my career path less defined that say, the Pre-Med major. I love to write more than anything. The power of words, when developed poignantly, is a beautifully intelligent thing. Whatever I end up doing, writing will be a part of my career. Beyond that, I have no clue where my life is heading.

A few months of anxiety later, I have chosen to embrace that sentiment and enjoy it. My English teacher in high school once told me that this was an amazing time because I have “the most freedom with the least responsibility.” No mortgage, no kids, no husband to consider in my plans. I have the freedom to do exactly what I want. What a great outlook.

I love how Jack Kerouac phrases the above quote; “we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” There will always be someplace to go, something that needs to be crossed off the to-do list. Our suitcases will always be battered, there will always be obstacles to deal with. The important thing is that you establish the terms by which you tackle life. I am choosing to travel.

Here’s the lowdown. Six weeks. Six countries. My partner in crime is Emily, or Crazy Spoon as I affectionately call her sometimes, a dear friend from college. She is incredibly down to earth and an absolute sweetheart; the ideal travel partner to embark on an adventure with. We have bought our tickets and picked the countries. Now, we’re onto hostels and actually planning our routes. We’ll update you right to the day we leave, and throughout our trip.

Can’t wait to share this experience with you! Thanks for reading. Whatever your journey is, happy travels to all.

Em & I

Me and my partner in crime. 🙂

Cheers, Erin


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