I’m Here!!!!


We made it to Paris!! After only a few snafus figuring out the train and hostel (we bought an extra tix cuz we thought we lost one), we finally arrived. (An adorable French mom stopped us an showed us the way to the hostel).
Paris. Is. Beautiful. Everything anyone has told you, it’s true. Pictures don’t even begin to do it justice. We went to the Louvre today. Favorite sites were the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, and Venus statue. Even the rooms that house the art are insanely gorgeous.
Our diet so far has been mainly baguettes, macaroons, and croissants. 🙂 basically heaven.
Transportation was pretty easy- only on one crossroad did we choose to take the “eenie, meeny, miny, mo” approach- it turned out okay!
Haha anyways love and miss you all! We’re staying here through Sat, then it is on to Nice!


2 thoughts on “I’m Here!!!!

  1. Love the Tall Girl Travel commentary! We are so anxious to see Europe through your eyes, Erin. Stay safe, but live large! Much Love, Kelly & Kent

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