6’2′{hence the title 😉 }. Writer. I believe travel is the best thing a person can do. Whether it’s a weekend away or a trip across the world, travel opens your mind to new adventures and experiences.

Here is the Spark Notes version. Six countries. Six weeks. I’m a Europe newbie, so you’ll be learning with me every step of the way as I find hostels, take in attractions, and struggle under my backpack (I’m a chronic over-packer) all the way across Europe. Backpacking through Europe is #1 on my bucket list, and the first truly insane adventure I’m embarking on (I’ve put my life on hold for this, but more on that later). I can’t wait.!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Erin,
    We saw your folks today at the anniversary party and your Mom sent me your blog. You are living the dream girl. I am so happy for you. You will never get enough of Europe. It is by far the most amazing compilation of countries and their cultures. You are just getting your feet wet. This is so enriching and you will find yourself drawing from your experiences in everything you do. You will return and just absorb more.
    Continue to send updates and be safe. Have a fabulous journey.
    P.S. Btw, at the top of your blog page, where is the picture of all the homes or buildings from?

  2. I just heard about your blog while visiting your Mom this weekend. What an amazing adventure you are having. I’m enjoying your writing style and looking forward to reading more. Be safe and have fun!

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