Surprise! We’re in Barcelona!

We’ve officially been traveling for a week! It has been so much fun, and by now were almost metro pros.
Oh and we’re in Barcelona, Spain! Surprise! We had 4 nights until we met Emily’s mom in Florence, so after brainstorming over a glass of wine, we booked a flight and here we are!
It is so beautiful- the architecture is incredible- where Paris is very elegant, Barcelona is whimsical and much more colorful- I absolutely love it. (See pics below)
After arriving last night in the pouring rain, it was finally sunny. We wandered down Las Ramblas, a famous street filled with shops and restaurants, and stopped for lunch down by the port. We got seafood paella (a rice dish with shrimp, scallops, and mussels), and a pitcher of sangria. It. Was. Amazing.
The pace of life here is so different. For example, we went out last night around 8 to grab a bite after we arrived. We walked by several restaurants only to find that nothing was open until 9 pm! Everything is much more leisurely, and open later. At 7 people are enjoying a drink. Dinner starts around 9ish, some bars don’t open till midnight, and some nightclubs don’t even open until 2am! Have to admit I kind of like the slow pace…and I could get used to daily siestas. 😉
Anyways it’s now 8 over here so I’m off to get ready for dinner! I’ve put some pictures below from our trip, including some from France. One from the light show at the Eiffel Tower in Paris (magical), one at the Musee D’orsay, and me and Em in Barcelona! And Las Ramblas.